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GAF Certified Roofer: Expert Roofing Solutions

Only some Master Elite® contractors are in the President’s Club. This shows their top-notch work. If you choose a GAF certified roofer, you choose from the best. They shine in Performance, Reliability, and Service.

Key Takeaways

  • GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, known for producing high-quality, innovative materials.
  • GAF certified roofers undergo rigorous evaluation and training to ensure expertise in properly installing GAF products.
  • GAF certified contractors can offer the company’s strongest warranties, including the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty and System Plus Limited Warranty.
  • Hiring a GAF certified roofer means you’re partnering with a trusted professional who can provide expert roofing solutions for your home.
  • GAF certification helps build trust with customers and sets certified contractors apart from non-certified roofers.

What is a GAF Certified Roofer?

Homeowners always want the best roofers for their houses. This is why GAF certified roofers are so important. GAF is the biggest roofing maker in North America. It has a tough certification process to make sure only the best contractors get their mark.

GAF Master Elite® Contractors

Becoming a GAF Master Elite® Contractor shows you’re great at what you do. You must be excellent in work, reliable, and take care of your clients. Only the top 2% of North American roofers are in this exclusive group. Being a Master Elite means you can give GAF’s best warranties, like the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty, with up to 30 years of protection against issues.

Certified Contractors

GAF also names top performers as Certified™ Contractors. This title is for the top 7% of roofers in North America and it’s not something you can buy. To become Certified, roofers have to show they are properly licensed, insured, and have a good reputation for their work in their area.

To check if a roofer is really GAF certified, homeowners can visit the GAF website. Simply enter the contractor’s phone number or ID. This way, they can be sure they are working with someone who meets GAF’s high standards for service and quality.

Certification Level Percentage of Roofers Key Features
GAF Master Elite® Top 2% Exclusive Golden Pledge Limited Warranty, 25-year workmanship warranty, 40-point factory inspection
GAF Certified™ Top 7% Proven track record of quality work, greater expertise than Authorized contractors

GAF certified contractor

“GAF’s certifications are a mark of excellence, ensuring homeowners work with the industry’s top-performing roofing professionals.”

Benefits of Hiring a GAF Certified Roofer

Choosing a GAF certified roofer is key to safeguarding your home. They are skilled in installing GAF’s superior roofing products. Plus, they give you access to special tools and savings programs. This helps them offer top-notch roofing services at good prices.

Hiring a GAF certified roofer means you get great warranties. They can provide you with top-notch coverage for manufacturing defects, wind, and more. The GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty is a big deal, giving you a lifetime of protection.

Knowing that GAF certified roofers have the necessary licenses and insurance is a big relief. They are deeply trained and focused on doing an outstanding job. This ensures your roof project is done right and will last a long time.

Only about 3% of roofers earn GAF certification. This makes roofing contractors with this certification a special find. When you pick a GAF certified roofer, you know experienced professionals are looking after your home’s main protection.

Feature GAF Certified Roofer Non-Certified Roofer
Certification GAF Master Elite® Contractor No Certification
Warranty Coverage GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty (Lifetime Manufacturing Defect, 15-year Wind, 10-25-year Algae, 30-year Misapplication) Limited Warranty (Varies by Manufacturer)
Licensing and Insurance Fully Licensed and Insured Licensing and Insurance May Vary
Training and Expertise Extensive GAF Training and Certification General Roofing Experience
Maintenance and Support Regular Roof Inspections and Ongoing Support Limited Post-Installation Support

Choosing a GAF certified roofer means partnering with a real expert. Their advanced training, solid warranties, and dedication to quality make them your best choice for any roofing needs.

GAF certified roofer

GAF Certified Roofer: Expert Roofing Solutions

Choosing a GAF certified roofer means you’re working with top-tier professionals. Local Roofer Pros fall into this category. They provide excellent roofing services. Your project will benefit from GAF warranties on certain products thanks to their partnership with GAF, the leading roofing manufacturer in North America.

Looking for roof installation, repairs, or replacement? A GAF certified roofer is expertly equipped for any task. They ensure your house remains safe for a long time. GAF has supported the industry for over 125 years, promoting diversity within its teams.

These roofers are also GAF Master Elite Contractors, meaning they’ve passed tough training and qualifications. This designation is only given to the top 2% of professionals. Thus, the work you get reflects the highest standards available.

“GAF’s Timberline brand is America’s #1-selling shingle brand, and customer testimonials praise the performance and appearance of their shingles like Timberline HDZ® and Camelot® II.”

They have access to top-notch roofing materials, such as the Timberline Solar™ system. This means they can improve your home’s energy efficiency. They are skilled at shingle installation and roof repair, providing top-quality work.

If you work with a GAF certified roofer, you’re signing up for expertise and a keen eye for perfection. You’ll get top-notch GAF warranties on your home, ensuring its safety. Trust in their professionalism.


For your home’s roof, trust GAF certified roofers like Local Roofer Pros. They provide high-quality installations, reliable repairs, and the best warranties. Thanks to their training and use of the latest GAF products, they offer roofs that protect for many years.

A certified roofer can take care of shingles or the whole roof. They know the local rules, keep things safe, and make sure the job is top-notch. They also offer the best GAF Lifetime Roof Systems and great warranties, safeguarding your investment.

For repairs or a new roof, let the experts at Local Roofer Pros help. They’re GAF Master Elite Contractors with over 25 years of experience. Working with them means better protection for your home and top-notch service.


What is a GAF certified roofer?

A GAF certified roofer is a contractor evaluated and trained by GAF. GAF is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. These contractors show top-notch performance, reliability, and customer service. They offer GAF’s best warranties, including the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty.

What is the difference between a GAF Master Elite® Contractor and a GAF Certified™ Contractor?

GAF Master Elite® Contractors are highly skilled roofers recognized by GAF. They undergo rigorous training and evaluation. Becoming a GAF Certified™ Contractor is by invite only, showing their commitment to quality. This is proven through proper licensing, insurance, and a solid reputation.

What are the benefits of hiring a GAF certified roofer?

Choosing a GAF certified roofer offers many advantages, such as:– They install GAF’s top roofing products correctly, ensuring strong warranty protection for your roof.– You get to use exclusive tools, resources, and savings.– They give you peace of mind with their proper licensing and insurance for your project.

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