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Expert Roofing Contractors San Clemente CA Services

San Clemente, CA, is a sunny place with lovely beaches. But, the sun and storms can damage your roof. That’s why you need professional roofers to keep your home safe.

For roofing in San Clemente, CA, it’s best to hire experts. Licensed roofing companies have skilled roofers with years of experience. They provide high-quality roofing services and ensure your roof is installed perfectly.

Whether you need roof repairs or a new roof, the local experts offer cost-effective options. They work within your budget to fix or replace your roof. You can trust them with all your roofing projects in San Clemente.

Key Takeaways:

  • San Clemente, CA is known for its sunny climate and beautiful beaches.
  • Roofing services in San Clemente require the expertise of licensed roofing companies.
  • Top-rated roofers with extensive experience ensure quality workmanship.
  • Local roofing experts provide affordable solutions for all your roofing needs.
  • Trust in their expertise and experience for reliable, professional roofing services.

Top 10 Best Roofers in San Clemente, CA

When searching for reliable roofers in San Clemente, CA, consider these trusted companies:

  1. J.L. Ray Company: They offer free inspections, clear pricing, and outstanding customer service. Their expertise includes metal roofs, slate, flat roofs, roof repair, ventilation, and replacement.
  2. South Coast Shingle Company Inc.: Known for clear pricing and free inspections, they excel in customer education. Their specialties are terra cotta, metal roofs, slate, asphalt roofs, roof repair, and replacement.
  3. JRT Roofing & Waterproofing Inc.: A local business that focuses on customer education, transparent pricing, and excellent service. They offer free inspections and specialize in asphalt roofs and replacement.
  4. B.P. Custom Roofing: They have a great reputation for being timely. With free inspections, customer education, transparent pricing, and superior customer service, they provide flat roofs, terra cotta, roof repair, asphalt roofs, and replacement.
  5. Ozone Roofing: They specialize in roof replacement. Services include free inspections, honoring appointments, excellent customer service, and transparent pricing.
  6. Pacific Crest Roofing: Offers transparent pricing, education, and quality service. Their services include roof repair, inspections, skylights, replacement, terra cotta, asphalt roofs, and slate.
  7. Dana Point Roofing: They focus on roof replacement, providing free inspections and customer education.
  8. Mission Viejo Roofs Stay Dry Roofing Company: Known for excellent service and timing. Offers transparent pricing and free inspections. Services include inspections, flat roofs, emergency tarp, metal roofs, skylights, solar panels, roof repair, and replacement.
  9. Roofing Repairs Orange County: They are recognized for excellent customer service and timely responses. Services cover replacements, asphalt roofs, roof repair, inspections, flat roofs, skylights, solar panels, slate, mold remediation, and terra cotta, all with free inspections and transparent pricing.
  10. South County Roofing: Known for timely service, transparent pricing, and quality customer care. They offer roof repair, asphalt roofs, replacement, terra cotta, skylights, emergency tarps, and wood roofs.

These top 10 roofing companies in San Clemente, CA stand out for their skills, professionalism, and quality services. They can handle repairs, replacements, or new installations. With various roofing options available, they meet your needs effectively and affordably. Choose any of these reputable firms for your roofing needs in San Clemente, CA.


Choosing the right roofing company in San Clemente, CA, is very important. Look for licensed companies that offer professional services. They have top roofers with the skills for any project, like repairs or new roofs.

These contractors commit to giving you great service at a good price. Their experienced team makes sure your roof is perfect. Trust them to handle your roofing with care and expertise.

When you need roofing help, these are the people to call. They’re known for being dependable, affordable, and doing excellent work. You can count on their years of experience to keep your home secure.


What services do the licensed roofing companies provide?

Licensed roofing companies offer many services. This includes fixing roofs, putting on new ones, and working with various materials. They handle metal roofs, slate roofs, flat roofs, make sure your roof has good air flow, and even replace old roofs.

How can I trust the expertise of the local roofing experts?

Local roofing experts come highly rated and have a lot of experience. They have skilled roofers and a team for installing roofs. This team ensures the work done on your roof is top-notch.

Are the roofing solutions offered by the licensed companies affordable?

Yes, licensed roofing companies offer solutions that won’t break the bank. They make sure you can afford the roofing work you need.

Can the licensed roofing companies handle both roof repairs and new installations?

Indeed, they can. The licensed companies have experts who can fix roofs as well as teams that install new roofs. They can take on any project related to roofing.

How can I find the best roofers in San Clemente, CA?

To find the best roofers in San Clemente, CA, look at the top 10 list. This includes J.L. Ray Company and South Coast Shingle Company Inc. Also, JRT Roofing & Waterproofing Inc., B.P. Custom Roofing, and Ozone Roofing. Don’t forget about Pacific Crest Roofing, Dana Point Roofing, and Mission Viejo Roofs. Stay Dry Roofing Company, Roofing Repairs Orange County, and South County Roofing are also great choices.

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