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Owens Corning vs GAF: Which Roofing Brand is Best?

In the United States, 80% of homes use asphalt shingle roofs. Owens Corning and GAF are top choices in this market. They have different products and features, making the decision hard. This piece will explore what makes Owens Corning and GAF unique. It aims to help you pick the best brand for your roof.

Key Takeaways

  • Owens Corning and GAF are two of the most popular and trusted roofing brands in the United States.
  • Both brands offer a wide range of asphalt shingle options with impressive wind resistance, fire ratings, and impact resistance.
  • Owens Corning is known for its premium quality and extensive warranty coverage, while GAF is often considered more affordable.
  • Color selection and customization options vary between the two brands, with Owens Corning offering more bold and vibrant choices.
  • Local roofing contractors can provide valuable insights and guidance on the best roofing solution for your home and budget.

Introduction to Top Roofing Brands

In the competitive roofing scene, Owens Corning and GAF are top choices. They’ve become trusted names for homes and businesses. This trust comes from offering great products, having a strong brand, and always coming up with new ideas.

Owens Corning: A Global Leader in Building Materials

Owens Corning leads in the world of building materials. They focus on making products for homes, like insulation and roofing, as well as fiberglass. Homeowners and professionals often choose their shingles because of their quality.

GAF: North America’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer

GAF is proud to be the biggest roofing maker in North America. They offer products for many needs, such as commercial buildings, flat roofs, siding, and solar. Since 1886, GAF has built a brand known for top-notch roofs.

Owens Corning and GAF both work hard to make sure you know their names. They spend a lot on ads and promotions. This helps keep them at the top of the roofing world.

Owens Corning and GAF roofing shingles

For anyone looking for a roof, Owens Corning and GAF stand out. Their constant competition means more choices and better quality for you. Let’s look closer at what each offers and how well they do in the roofing market.

Owens Corning vs GAF

Owens Corning and GAF are key players in the roofing world. They offer top-notch shingles at different prices. You can find everything from basic 3-tab shingles to fancy architectural styles. Both aim to give you strong, good-looking roofs. But which brand is better? Let’s find out.

Shingle Quality and Performance

Owens Corning and GAF shine when it comes to shingle quality. Owens Corning’s shingles have more layers and are heavier. This means they protect better against the wind and hail. They have many shingle types under their TruDefinition DURATION line, fitting lots of styles and budgets.

GAF’s Timberline shingles, popular in North America, offer great protection too. They’re made with fiberglass-mesh reinforced asphalt, giving three to five layers of defense. Plus, GAF’s ArmorShield shingles are UL 2218 Class 4 rated for strong wind and impact resistance.

Feature Owens Corning GAF
Wind Resistance Up to 130 MPH Up to 110 MPH
Fire Resistance Class A Class A
Impact Resistance Class 3 Class 4
Algae Resistance Limited Warranty 25-year StainGuard Plus Warranty
Color Selection Wider Range Diverse Options

Warranties and Certifications

Owens Corning’s System Plus Warranty lasts 50 years for material defects and offers lifetime labor coverage. It beats GAF’s warranties. Yet, GAF has the Golden Pledge warranty, which covers both materials and labor. It’s also transferable if you sell your home.

GAF’s Master Elite status, earned by only 3% of U.S. roofers, ensures top-notch installation. On the other hand, Owens Corning won the 2022 Women’s Choice Award for Most Recommended Roofing Products in the U.S.

Owens Corning vs GAF Shingles

“Both Owens Corning and GAF are top-tier roofing brands, offering exceptional quality and performance. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your home.”

Choosing between Owens Corning and GAF depends on what you value most and your budget. Both offer durable, great-looking roofs. They can boost your home’s style and safety.


When picking a roofing brand in Upstate New York, choose Owens Corning over GAF. Owens Corning offers better quality shingles, more colors, and stronger warranties. It may cost a bit more, but it’s worth it for a long-lasting, great-looking roof.

Local Roofer Pros, as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, brings special warranties for Owens Corning shingles. They also guarantee top-notch roof installations to shield your home from rough weather. So, going with Owens Corning means making a wise choice for your home’s future.

If you need a new roof or thinking about replacing yours, talk to Local Roofer Pros. They’ll guide you. Plus, with Owens Corning’s top-quality shingles, your home is in good hands. This ensures a protected and beautiful home for many years.


What are the key differences between Owens Corning and GAF roofing shingles?

Both Owens Corning and GAF lead in asphalt shingles. Owens Corning’s shingles have more layers and weight. This makes them better against wind and hail. They also offer a wider range of popular colors and a stronger warranty than GAF.

Which brand offers better warranty coverage on their roofing products?

Owens Corning’s System Plus Warranty lasts 50 years for materials and covers labor for life. It is stronger than what GAF offers.

What are the storm protection features of Owens Corning and GAF shingles?

Both brands have shingles that are Class A fire-resistant. They can withstand 130 MPH winds and have Class 3 impact resistance. Yet, Owens Corning’s shingles offer more protection because they are thicker and heavier.

How do the color selection and energy efficiency ratings compare between the two brands?

Owens Corning has a broader range of favored colors. But, both brands offer energy-saving shingles. This helps homeowners cut down on energy bills.

Which brand is recommended for homeowners in Upstate New York?

Owens Corning is the top pick for Upstate New York. It has better shingles, more colors, and a stronger warranty. Local Roofer Pros, a Platinum Preferred Contractor, offers extra warranties on Owens Corning shingles. They also ensure top-notch roof installations for protection against severe weather.

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