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Boost Home Value with the Right Roof Color

Your roof color is more important than you might think. It can affect up to 40% of your home’s look. This shows how choosing the right color can really boost your home’s appeal and value. When selling, 91% of buyers and 94% of agents say the roof color matters.

It’s key to pick the best roof color for your home. The right color can make your house stand out, save energy, and look great. Think about your home’s style, the local climate, and what colors fit in your area. This will help make your house attractive to buyers and increase its value.

Key Takeaways

  • Roof color accounts for up to 40% of a home’s exterior appearance.
  • 91% of home buyers consider roof color an important factor, and 94% of real estate professionals agree that a color-coordinated exterior increases perceived value.
  • Selecting the optimal roof color can boost your home’s energy efficiency, curb appeal, and resale value.
  • Coordinating roof color with your home’s architecture, climate, and neighborhood aesthetics is crucial for maximizing the impact.
  • Roof replacement generally provides a better return on investment compared to other home renovations.

Classic and Neutral Roof Colors

Choosing classic and neutral roof colors, such as black, gray, brown, and dark blue, helps boost your home’s resale value. These colors work well with many home styles and attract numerous buyers. The roof color contributes significantly to your home’s exterior look, making up to 40% of what people first see.

Regional Preferences

Choosing the right roof color also depends on where you live. Local weather and sunlight affect the best choices. For instance, in places with a lot of moisture, light shingles are popular because they resist algae.

Light vs. Dark Roofs

Deciding between light and dark roof colors is important for your home’s efficiency and effect on the environment. Dark roofs absorb heat, while light roofs can help lower cooling costs by reflecting heat. Some places have rules that new roofs need to be ‘cool’ to save energy.

It’s key to balance how your roof looks, what’s common in your area, and saving energy. Choosing a classic, neutral color that fits your house style and local norms can increase your home’s attraction and value.

roof color options

“The roof represents around 40 percent of a home’s outward appearance, making the color choice critical for curb appeal.”

Value-adding Roof Color

Your roof’s color is key for both saving energy and boosting your home’s overall value. If the roof and exterior colors match well, your home will look better. It will also help control how much you spend on keeping your home warm or cool. Some roofs are made to cut down on heating or cooling costs.

A roof that keeps your house cool can be a big plus for buyers. They look for homes that save energy and are good for the environment. So, a light-colored roof that bounces the sun’s rays away can help sell your home.

Getting a new roof increases your home’s value by about $15,247 on average. And changing shingles can give you back about 68.2% of the cost. But using the right materials that fit your home’s style and the area’s look can do more for your home’s worth.

Choosing light roof shingles like Birchwood or Arctic White can make your roof cooler. This can save you money in summer, when you’d use less energy to cool your home. But dark shingles can make your roof hotter and your energy bill bigger. Pick the right roof color and you’ll save money and boost your home’s look and value.

Would you like to see how a new color would look on your roof? Many companies have tools to show you different shingle colors. This can help you choose a color that will make your home worth more.

“Roof color significantly impacts a home’s energy efficiency, with dark shingles absorbing heat and increasing cooling costs, while light colors reflect more sunlight and lower energy expenses.” – Local Roofer Pros

Roof color impact

Coordinating Roof Color with Home’s Exterior

Choosing the right roof color is key to making your home look good and catching the eye of buyers. A new roof changes how a home looks and feels, making it more inviting from the street.

Matching Siding and Roof Colors

Want your roof to match your siding? Think about shades that work well together, what you like, and your home’s design. The James Hardie’s Exterior House Color Visualizer is a great tool for this. It helps pick the best roof and siding color combos.

Roofs in warm colors go with similar warm-toned sidings, and the same for cool colors. Plus, picking colors that either contrast sharply or slightly can change your home’s style. But, don’t forget about the trim and accents. They tie everything together for a beautiful, unified look.

Considering Architectural Style

It’s crucial to match the roof color with your home’s style. Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial, and Plantation homes look great in classic dark tones. On the other hand, modern homes might use dark metals and vibrant finishes.

Use tools like the Allura Color Visualizer to test different colors. Finding the right mix for your roof, siding, and trim will really elevate your home’s curb appeal. This can also boost its future resale value.


Choosing the right roof color can boost your home’s value and look. Be sure your choice fits your home’s design. Think about things like what’s popular in your area, light or dark colors, and how it matches your house. Gray is a good choice for a classic feel. But, colors like red or blue bring fun. Light colors can help save energy. Materials like metal last a long time.

Need help picking the best roof color? Trust the Local Roofer Pros. They can help you pick a color that meets trends and saves energy. A good choice will make your home look better and worth more.

Your roof is a big part of how your home looks, making up 40% or more of the outside. A color that goes well with your home’s design can make a big difference. It can attract buyers and increase the value of your home. Pick a color that suits your style. You can go with something classic or something bold. The most important thing is to find what shows off your home’s best side.


How can the right roof color impact my home’s value?

Choosing the right roof color can boost your home’s value and its look. A roof color can make up 40% of your house’s looks. Also, 91% of buyers say it’s a key factor for them.Roof colors like black, gray, and brown are safe choices. They look good with many home styles. The right roof color can make your home more valuable to buyers.

How do regional preferences and climate impact the choice of roof color?

Where you live affects what roof color looks best. And, weather matters too. For hot areas, light roofs are better because they save energy.

What are the benefits of choosing a lighter or darker roof color?

Deciding between light and dark roofs is important. Light roofs can lower energy bills by reflecting sun. But, dark roofs are warmer in cold places.

How can my roof color enhance the energy efficiency and value of my home?

Your roof color can improve energy use in your home. Some roofs are made to cut heating or cooling costs. This makes your home more valuable and efficient.

How important is it to coordinate my roof color with my home’s exterior?

Picking a roof color that matches your home’s look is important. It can increase how attractive your home is. This draws in buyers and makes a good first impression.

What should I consider when selecting a roof color that complements my home’s architectural style?

Think about your home’s architectural style when choosing a roof color. It should go well with your home’s design. Choose colors that work with both your preference and your home’s style.

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